Diet is the single most important element to a healthy puppy!



All of our Puppies, Dogs & Bitches have been raised on the super food diet: Urban Wolf.

For 30 years our dogs have been exclusively fed a homemade diet & the results show in both physical & mental well being.  They do not suffer from the typical bully ailments (primarily skin & digestive) & they are able to carry more muscle than any kibble fed dog: this is a definite advantage for our show dogs!


Mom is raised on Urban Wolf, her babies are weaned directly onto Urban Wolf as well.  Urban Wolf is such a digestible and natural diet that we never need to start with any kind of cereal pablum or milk.  We simply precook the the food and puree it with a little water & feed.  


The benefits of Urban Wolf on our puppies is that their immune systems develop efficiently and strong so when they go to their new homes they are able to handle the stress without issues.


We will gladly discuss diet with you, we know some of you might think it's a huge undertaking to feed homemade food to your puppy or dog, but Urban Wolf is fast, easy & economical and the benefits outweigh the minimal time you spend preparing this simple 'mix and feed' diet.

By Special Arrangement:

Through Special arrangement, we are subsidizing all of our client's so they can purchase Urban Wolf at a discount for the life of your Essex Shire Miniature Bull Terrier.  We also send you a bag of Urban Wolf before your puppy arrives so you can have the food prepared before baby arrives.


We are experts in whole food diets for dogs, so as with all the other aspects of ownership, we are here to answer any of your questions!



Our EssexShire Miniature Bull Terriers generally only shed twice a year: once in late summer and once in late winter.  On occasion they will shed outside of these typical times if they have been under stress or have been bathed.


As stressed above, Diet plays a huge roll in keeping the skin and coat healthy & strengthening the thyroid.  



We bathe our dogs when necessary & only use a special soap that we developed for our own dogs.  It gently exfoiates if necessary & keeps the skin soft & protects the natural skin mantle. We use this soap on our hairless chinese crested on a daily basis to keep his skin clean & it really works.  When we bathe our terriers, the soap does not strip the skin & coat of their natural protection yet their skin remains soft, blemish free & shiny.

We include a sample of our unique the soap in your puppy kit.



With a short slightly coarse hair, miniature bull terriers need very little grooming.  Daily brushing with a hound glove is all that's needed unless your dog is shedding.  When shedding we use a small rubber curry brush to loosen the dead hair and dust and then finish with a hound glove or small body brush.  



We trim or grind our dogs' nails biweekly. Your new puppy will have already had their nails trimmed on a regular basis so we recommend that you keep up the routine as they grow. We will show you how to to gently trim nails so you can continue the routine.


Cold Weather:

We have coats for our Miniature Bull Terriers in the extreme cold weather.  We recommend you have both sweaters and coats so you use whichever suits the weather.  We also recommmend you use boots especially if you walk where they use salt on the sidewalks.  

Get puppy accustomed to wearing boots as soon as possible.


Crate Training:

We recommend crate training for all of our puppies & dogs.

Not only do crates keep puppy safe before they are fully house trained, this training also helps with stress during travel or if they have to stay in a boarding kennel or at the vet.

All of our puppies have started their crate training before they leave here. 



Miniature Bull Terriers need to be indoors with people & are not suited to outdoor kennel life. They need proper containment: fencing is essential to keep your terrier safe.

*Before you consider a miniture bull terrier, please be aware that they must have a fenced in yard & should be leashed while in public to keep them safe from traffic.



Training of your puppy starts from the moment you bring baby home.  We do not recommend training classes until your puppy has been vaccinated (after 4 months) but you can start building your foundation at home with simple commands.  Miniature Bull Terriers are very smart & learn very quickly with the proper positive motivation.  We use lots of food along with praise for our youngsters.

Manners should also be taught from the day you get puppy home.  Be aware that during teething some Miniature Bull Terriers are a little more hyper so patience during this time is necessary.